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Apr 24, 2013 3:00am PDT
twitter @bpshow, where jim says is the gop the party of cowards or once again playing the fear card on immigration for political gain. >> bill: i think it's both. >> and don says the gop look at these boston bombers as immigrants and will try to use it to kill the bill. which is what they're doing. >> that's absolutely what they are doing. >> bill: and they are looking for any hook or leverage to try to kill this legislation, because it was going down the track pretty fast before the events of last week. ron is out in elgen, illinois. >> caller: good morning, bill. i don't think boston has anything to do with immigration reform. those that are using it as an excuse are just biased. and i would say one name timothy mcveigh what country did he immigrate from? >> bill: yeah chuck grassley could probably try to make a link. these kids came here. their family pleading the persecution in chechnya and moved on to wherever and finally came here as an 15 year old, and 8 year old, they came here legally, through the system, one of them became an american citizen, the other one had not yet bec
Apr 23, 2013 3:00am PDT
issues of the day today ambassador jim jones, former u.s. ambassador to mexico will be here in studio with us. igor volsky, of course here as he is every tuesday from think progress and a very exciting guest today and an unusual guest, randy couture a former mma boxing star, a boxing star and an mma star and a great actor, too. extenders? >> expendables. i think he's a chump and i'm going to tell him that to his face. >> bill: he will crush you! >> you're probably right. >> bill: he will crush you. >> you're definitely right! >> bill: i have a friend who wrestled with him. >> no kidding! >> bill: he told him didn't stand a chance. flattened him out. >> if you're not familiar with randy, go online and do a google image search for him. >> bill: i'm afraid of him already. >> there are a lot of pictures of him with his shirt off. he is chilled out of rock. >> bill: i'm afraid of him already. i'm going to have cyprian come in and stand alongside of me. >> your body guard? [ laughter ] perfect. >> bill: all right. and yes indeed, they're whining about air traffic delays yesterday. i hate to
Apr 19, 2013 3:00am PDT
people. when you look at his picture you go, how does it happen? >> jim we are on a little bit of a delay but the people being evacuated and we have seen a lot of families. >> is there a place, a bus they are getting on? where is their safe place that they are being evacuated from their home? >> you know, we are seeing a lot of people just walk the cars. there is one gentleman across the street loading his car with blank et cetera, but we have not seen any large scale way of transporting them from the scene. we have certainly not seen that. we have seen people walking down the street to other vehicles. i am trying to take a look down the street. i am not seeing anything that would -- anything out of the ordinary. >> you have to wonder. they are being advised not to the obvious streets. you have to feel for these families now. >> in the immediate area. friends, family. there is some which is understandable with an event like this. being through the riots in los angeles, i can remember the confusion among people, you know, living in the community. you don't know what to do. and looks
Apr 17, 2013 3:00am PDT
member of congress jim jones and this study, this group looked at the question of torture and came to some amazing conclusions. number one, they said there is no doubt, no doubt, that the united states engaged in the practice of torture under the bush administration. this is just under george bush and dick cheney, number 1. we did engage in torture. it was illegal. it was against international law. number 3, we did it even though there is no firm or persuasive evidence, reading from the report, that they produced any valuable information or any information that we could not have gotten through other means, zero evidence of anything out of that torture. and he engaging in torture, from the bi-partisan report quote, damaged the standing of our nation reducedour capacity to enact moral 7censure and increased the danger to u.s. military personnel taken captive. we did it. it was illegal, we got nothing out of it. we damaged our standing, we made our own military -- put our own military more at risk and more in danger and then, finally the report contains appendix of 22 pages muchof leg
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4